RSS feeds I follow

Dec 10, 2022


Few weeks ago I’ve added a RSS feed to my site. If you still use this ancient technology and want to add it to your feed - you’re welcome to do that. Yes - it’s quite old but in my opinion it’s one of the best options to keep up-to-date with your favorite blogs and websites. There are plenty of RSS readers available and I’ve chosen Newsblur. It’s clear and simple. But to the point.

Here’s my list of feeds I’m subscribed to.

  • TinyProjects - the author is not posting actively but If you read some of his articles you’ll notice that author is busy because he creates a lot of tiny, useful and profitable apps. I find it very inspirating. Ben (the blog’s author) describes also his approach and steps neede to structure and organize his work.
  • 2ality - very insightful and comprehensive source of serious JavaScript content. A lot of information about ECMAScript proposals, architecture and general software engineering tutorials.
  • Flavio Copes - this blog is probably one of the most recognizable. For a long time (3 years or so I believe) Flavio was posting every day. His posts are code snippets and short notes about different languages features. I read this blog for a few years but still I find some interesting older posts.
  • Josh Comeau - I like the website design and small features that makes it unique among others (check it out for yourself). The content of the articles is mainly about CSS related topics - styling and animations but not only.
  • Tom MacWright - this website is one of the most minimalistic I’ve ever seen. But content is King. The author of the blog has created many small and large projects. I also appreciate his posts on topics not related to programming.
  • Marius Schulz - Mostly about Typescript. Very compehensive articles about lesser known Typescript features.
  • Robin Wieruch - A lot of react related topics.
  • Raptitude - As the authors describes the blog - it’s focuse on getting better at being human. So no programming, only thoughts and recipes for better habits and life quality. I highly recommend this blog.

Notable mentions

Here are blogs that I follow but don’t have something special to write about them. I think they are worth reading: