The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah

by: Stephen King

Jan 26, 2024

Step by step, Roland’s ka-tet is closer to reach the tower. So am I.

This part took me three weeks to finish. I found it quite difficult to wade through the rather long-winded chapters. Each presents the story from the perspective of a different group of characters. Our heroes split up so we get a description of the adventures of each group.

As we are close to the Tower I am more confused about the world and reality that this presented in the story. That’s my main complaint about the Dark Tower. I find the motif of Eddie and Roland’s meeting with their creator Stephen King the most interesting in this part and one of the best in the whole series. On the plus side, I recognize the ending in the form of the author’s diary, where he reveals some facts (?) from his life during the creation of The Dark Tower.

Although this part was quite hard to read I immediately got down to reading the last, seventh part of The Dark Tower.