Downward to the Earth

by: Robert Silverberg

Sep 20, 2022

Robert Silverberg is one of my favorite sci-fi authors. A very prolific writer, who touches on many aspects in his work.

This novel depicts a distant world affected by human colonization from the planet Earth.

The main plot line is inner change of the main character. Formerly he’s a true believer and supporter of colonization and the subjugation of the world by Earth imperialism. After many years and his return to Belzagor he wants to redeem his guilt and struggles an internal battle leading to a change in his perception of the world.

The action unfolds slowly, there are no epic battles or spectacular technology known from many other novels of the genre. The amazing world presented here from the distant future is only a backdrop for the main character’s reflections on the mistakes of colonialism, a sense of superiority and disrespect for another race.

It is a great pity that Silverberg did not return to the world of Belzagor in any of his other novels.