Mołdawia. Państwo niekonieczne

by: Kamil Całus

Nov 13, 2022

Republic of Moldova is one the former Soviet Union republics. It used to be a place of stability and decent life, considering the living conditions in the USSR. Today it’s an independent state with serious economic issues, high level of corruption and constant political fights between supporters of the pro-Russian and pro-European direction. At the same time, around 60% of Moldova population believe that their country should not exist and should be a part of other country (spoiler alert - Romania or Russia).

How it’s possible? What happened in the last 30 years of independence? Why did the development of this country go in completely different direction than the countries of Eastern Europe? Most of these questions are answered in this excellent report book.

I really respect the journalistic activity of the author of the book. I follow his work and analyzes. He is undoubtedly one of the best experts in this field who publish in Poland. However, there is a little analytical and scientific content in this book. It’s full of stories of Moldovan people - officials, politicians or local activists. There are also many observations that the author gathered during his numerous trips to this country. We get a picture of the political scene, the situation of ordinary residents, a description of the oligarchs rule and a bit of history about the origin and development of the Moldavian state.

I strongly recommend this book to everyone, who is interested in socio-political issues in the former USSR republics.