by: H. P. Lovecraft

Feb 08, 2024

The collection of lesser known stories written by Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Very short, several pages long stories which introduce us to characters (or rather deities) known from Cthulhu mythology.

All of them are schematic and are based on the narration of the main character. This character encountered events that are “terrible”, “blasphemous”, “unearthly” (these terms are very common in Lovecraft’s works), and eventually went mad.

For a fan of the works of this author and the world he created, this is a must-read item. Particularly noteworthy in my opinion are these short stories:

  • “Dagon” - The main character ends up on an island with monoliths covered with hieroglyphs in an unknown language. Also he meet one of the main deities in Lovecraft’s pantheon.
  • “Moon Moor” - A description of the terrible events that took place in a bog somewhere in Ireland.
  • “The Beast in the Cave” - The plot is based on one of the primal fears - the fear of the dark and of the unknown.

PS: This particular set of short stories was published only in a Polish edition. You can find all the short stories in these books: