Lud. Z grenlandzkiej wyspy

by: Ilona Wiśniewska

Apr 02, 2024

Greenland - the largest island in the world. Inhabited by a handful of people. A population that has a rich culture, its own language and its dialects. For decades it has been linked to Denmark, which often influences Greenlanders and their attitude towards the country of Denmark and the Danish people.

Life in such harsh conditions and separation from the rest of the world causes a number of problems here. Alcoholism, domestic violence, limited life prospects, depression - these are the most important. The local community is small and the percentage of people affected by these problems is high.

The author spent a few months working in an orphanage in the small settlement of Uummannaq. This is, in my opinion, a great approach to the reporter’s work. She didn’t live on the sidelines, she did not hole up in a hotel and view this world through the prism of a person from the stable West. She blended into the local community and got to know many of the resident and their daily problems.

The book describes a lot - nature, society, ties between Greenland and Denmark, local politics and culture. Once again this author and this publishing house did not disappoint me.