Rumun goni za happy endem

by: Bogumił Luft

Aug 07, 2023

Many stories from Romania and Moldova written by the former Polish ambassador to those countries. It is a combination of reportage, history and memoir.

The book may seem a bit biased, as the author has strong ties to Romania. Anyway, he does not hide his special affection and mentions it many times.

For me, it is a valuable source of knowledge about the social and economic situation in this country. For many, Romania and Moldova are unknown frontiers of Europe, which are better not to visit. Thanks to the author, we will learn about the problems faced by both countries (especially Moldova). The most interesting topics covered in the book are, in my opinion:

  • the ethno-religious mosaic of Transylvania
  • the economic and mental legacy of the rule of the communist dictator
  • The oligarchic system that stifles Moldova’s economic development
  • the difficult reckoning of the past associated with Nazism in Romania

This is a well-written book full of personal reflections and experiences.