Bukareszt. Kurz i krew

by: Małgorzata Rejmer

Aug 12, 2023

Another reportage on Romania and its capital Bucharest. There are quite a few reminiscences by Romanians about their experiences during life under the Ceaucescu dictatorship. What expectations they had after his overthrow. About what worked and what didn’t work in this country.

The author conducts the narrative from the point of view of an expat rather than a temporary tourist. It is an unusual destination for emigration, even though the country is part of the European Union. However, the author has lived in the country. She met many people who told her their stories. She found out what Romania looks like from the inside and what it is like to live in the country.

What I enjoyed most was the author’s experiences and personal opinion of Bucharest. A rather bleak picture emerges from her description, a difficult and painful history intertwined with chaotic and neglected architecture.

Overall, the book is excellently written, in places with somewhat poetic language. What I appreciate most in reportage is the presentation of the author’s personal experiences supported by knowledge and facts. In the case of this item, I was not disappointed.