Kto zgasi światło

by: Miłosz Szymański

Jul 05, 2023

I waited several months for this book to be published. I ordered it as soon as the author announced that it would be published. The subject matter may be mysterious and of little interest to many. Moldova is the least visited country in Europe by tourists. It is also the poorest (or almost the poorest) country on the continent. Few are interested in it and even fewer know how to talk about it.

The stories shared by the author include some memories of his own trips to the country, some stories from the people he met and some strictly historical news.

The title of the book (‘Who will turn out the light’ - translated from Polish) refers to the difficult socio-economic situation the country has been in since independence from the USSR. Things used to be better for most Moldavians, in many respects.

A successful literary debut for the author. My only complaint? Too short.