Reaper Man

by: Terry Pratchett

Apr 28, 2024

I really laughed when I read this book. I very rarely laugh when I read books. This time Pratchett presents the issue of life and death. A very universal and popular topic in literature. The character of Death quickly became one of my favorite literary characters. Did any of us realize that Death can also have its own problems, thoughts and desire to go on vacation?

Apart from adventures of the titular Death (Reaper Man) we also follow the fate of a deceased professor who wanders around the world and a group of magicians. However, their fates were much less interesting to me, I liked the adventures involving Death much more.

Even though it is a satire and there are plenty of humorous elements, it is still something to think about after finishing the book. What would happen if there was no death? I will be happy to read this book in a few years.