The Dark Tower VII - The Dark Tower

by: Stephen King

Apr 10, 2024

Finally. After over the year of reading the previous parts of the Dark Tower series I finished the last one. The journey to the Mid-World (and other fantastic worlds and dimensions) comes to an end, and with it the fate of the heroes… Of course, I won’t reveal any secrets from the main plot but I can say that a few very important events take place in this part. There are twists, more tragic deaths and sometimes a grim and disturbing atmosphere.

The ending was a bit surprising for me. On the one hand, it is open, leaving several questions, and on the other hand, it is obvious. After all, the end of one story may be the beginning of another.

I will summarize this part having read the entire series in mind. This is definitely a saga worth reading. An extensive world (although with many holes and understatements), many characters, intertwining plots and fates of the characters, many references to pop culture and other works of Stephen King. For me, these are very strong advantages of the Dark Tower series.

This series is not only important and noteworthy because of its “fame”. Stephen King revealed part of his private life in this series. By placing himself as one of the characters in the books and adding a bit of background as part of the preface. The author grew up as a professional writer as he wrote subsequent parts (after all, it was created over a period of over 20 years). And I can see how his style evolved over this period. For a fan of Stephen King’s works, this series is a must.