by: Stephen King

Nov 28, 2023

I was not aware that Stephen King wrote such a book. Like many others, because I don’t follow the author’s publishing cycle. I found it in the public library (yes, I borrow books from libraries) looking for other book of this author.

The action of the book begins in a way that I really like in Stephen King’s work. Something weird is happening to the main character. We meet the rest of the characters and the place. This time it’s a well-known (from King’s books only) Castle Rock, Maine. We quickly learn what the fate of the main character will be. In the meantime, King serves us a side plot related to relations with main character’s neighbors and the life of a small, provincial town.

The book reads very lightly and pleasantly. The main shortcoming that spoils my perception of this work is its naivety. The behavior of the characters is too idealized and uncomplicated. I can compare the affliction of the main character of “Elevation” to the problem of Benjamin Button’s.

It is probably the weakest Stephen King book I have ever read. Nevertheless - the reading was quite enjoyable, in the end I read it in one evening.