by: Stephen King

Nov 22, 2023

A book from the early period of author’s work. Which is one my favorites. A very skillfully written thriller that draws attention from the very beginning. The first half of the book is mainly about the escape of a father and daughter - two people gifted with paranormal abilities. Those familiar with King’s work will immediately find comparisons to his other novels, such as “The Institute” or “Carrie”. Main characters are being pursued by one of the US government agencies. Catching the two citizens would seem to be an easy task.

But the father and his daughter have unbelievable luck and the federal agents are exceptional loosers. And this is my main complaint about this book. It is predictable and I suspect quite quickly what the ending will be. Besides - how long can a father and child successfully run and hide from the agents of a powerful state? Nevertheless, the fast-paced and efficiently conducted plot allowed me to turn a blind eye to these plot inconveniences. I also liked the presentation of the plot from the perspective of different characters. Both our “good” characters and those on the other side.

Overall - a great novel. One of the better ones by this author. It reads very well and can be returned to again and again.