Ku Klux Klan: Tu mieszka miłość

by: Katarzyna Surmiak-Domańska

Feb 13, 2024

For a person unfamiliar with American history, this book may seem a bit shocking. The author took up the challenge of researching a topic that has been very little known in recent years (at least in Europe).

The author presents the KKK organization from the inside - she was given the opportunity to do so after being invited to the organization’s congress. She had the opportunity to meet activists and supporters, people who identify with highly controversial views.

Before reading, I expected that the topic would be described quite briefly. However, subsequent chapters showed me that the problem of racism in America is multi-generational and that a large group of people (especially in the Southern states) have strong reluctance and traditional Christian values.

Overall - a book can broaden your worldview. Living in such a society, you may not realize that for some people the issue of contact with people of different skin colors is fundamental. It gives perspective on what many people think and how little has changed on this issue (like racism, racial segregation) over the decades.