Truckers, Bromeliad Trilogy 1

by: Terry Pratchett

Feb 14, 2024

While I was tiding up my book collection I found two books by Terry Pratchett. Without hesitation, I started reading this one in the Nome series.

The world is depicted from the Nomes perspective - tiny creatures living among humans in a quite big store. The world they live in (store) soon will be closed. The Nomes must organize a move and find a new home. A big problem for little creatures is the fact that they know nothing about the outside world, they are not even sure whether the world outside the store even exists!

Anyone who knows Terry Pratchett knows that his books are full of humor. The characters represent our everyday human flaws. The attitude of the Nomes reflects our behavior - if we are not sure about something, we deny the possibility of its existence. We like to live in ignorance and not go beyond our comfort zone. Nobody likes it when our peaceful and predictable surroundings are disrupted…

The book is addressed to children, but I believe that adults will also find great value in reading it.