Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Tell You Everything You Need to Know About Global Politics

by: Tim Marshall

Nov 03, 2022

Very condensed knowledge of modern geopolitics. It is a description of several countries and regions of the world in terms of geography and how their location affects the economy or the choices of local authorities. For people familiar with this subject most of these information presented by the author should be obvious and logic. Especially that considering such an extensive topic, the book is very short.

Keep in mind that Tim Marshall is an american and he presents american point of view. In some aspects his theories may seem to too far from the general views that prevail in, for example, European countries. Some of his arguments concerning lesser known regions are in my opinion wrong and contradicts to the opinion of analysts who deal with this topic exclusively. But reading this book few years after it was written is giving us a chance to compare author’s predictions to the reality.

Overall it a very solidly presented knowledge, which helped me to gather and systematize my knowledge. Especially I could refresh my view on the political situation in the regions that I am less interested in on a daily basis.

Another advantage of this book is the fact that on the wave of its popularity, another part was created, which I will be reading soon.