The Power of Geography: Ten Maps That Reveal the Future of Our World

by: Tim Marshall

Jan 18, 2023

It’s my first book read in 2023. Many important events happened in the last year. I have the impression that in my life geopolitics has never occupied such an important place in society. This book and it’s predecessor provide a little more insight into the relationship between countries and regions.

Comparing to the previous book, here are descripted countries and regions that may be considered kind of a “second tier” on the internation stage. This does not mean that these entities are weak or less important. These are the states that are important element of the regional politics. They are often an allies for a superpowers (i.e. Iran, Australia, Spain, United Kingdom). A big plus is the presentation of countries that many may not associate at all in the context of global politics (Greece, Turkey, the Sahel states) and as it turns out - they play an important role in many aspects of shaping relations between countries.

This book dissapointed me in one aspect only. For me, few chapters are just a shortened description of the history of a given country, with just a little explanation and summary of tje current state and future possible perspectives. Nevertheless, I consider this book to be a very successful continuation of “Prisoners of Gegraphy”.