Granice marzeń

by: Tomasz Grzywaczewski

Aug 30, 2023

Another interesting take on post-soviet territories. I find the issue of unrecognised states fascinating. They are usually poorly governed, poor and forgotten republics that lack international recognition. However, many of these pseudo-states are stuck in this state for decades, effectively blocking their opportunities for development. Instead, they are a bargaining chip in the disputes of neighbouring states.

The author devoted most space to Abkhazia - a region formerly mired in war, now seeking its place alongside Russia. I learned the most from the chapter on this state. It is a subject rarely covered in literature. Other interesting regions the author writes about include Transnistria, South Ossetia, separatist, Russian-backed regions in Ukraine.

The author’s writing style is light and rather unprofessional. Some passages read like a memoir of a trip. If you are interested in the post-Soviet world then this book will be a good introduction to outline the socio-economic situation in certain regions.