Białe. Zimna wyspa Spitsbergen

by: Ilona Wiśniewska

Mar 15, 2024

How it is to live on the edge of the World? In the place where half of the year is dark, and the other half is bright. Temperatures tend to be extremally low, wind blows almost all the time and very strongly. Encountering a polar bear is very likely, so you must have a weapon with you. No trees, forests, sparse vegetation.

“In summer it is bright and cold and in winter it is dark and very cold”. Does it sound like a great place to live? For an author of this book - it is.

There’s a lot of short histories depicting daily life in Spitsbergen’s settlements. It’s amazing how many nationalities found their home here. Even if conditions there are very harsh, people adopted this land to have a fairly comfortable life. At least if they don’t have to be away from home for too long.

Some stories are tragic, some are joyful, most are very interesting. Another great reportage from “Czarne” publishing house.