Flags colors

I’m interested in vexillology (study of the history, symbolism and usage of flags). I was curious to know what colours each flag is made up of and what percentage of the total flag a particular colour occupies.

First, I downloaded flags in png format for each country (from this site) and put them in one folder. Next I wrote a python script that loops over this folder and calculated color statistics for each of them. Results are saved in the JSON file. When I got results and compared them with the reality, I could create a web application to present the results.

I decided to use Svelte with Vite. It was my first time using these two technologies. I liked Svelte but won’t choose it over React. Vite, on the other hand, has performed well in comparison to Webpack. Good bye, Webpack!

Stack used for this project:

  • Python
    • PIL
    • extcolors
  • Svelte
  • Vite
  • PicoCss
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