Socio-economic development in Poland

HDI (Human Development Index) is a statistic index which considers number of years of schooling, GDP and life expentancy. The index for a whole country (0.876) puts it on a 34th place out of 196. Countries with similar score are:

  • Bahrain, Lithuania, Saudi Arabia (0.875)
  • Greece (0.887)
  • Czech Republic (0.889)

The highest HDI in Poland have these voivodeships:

  • Mazovian (including the capital Warsaw) - 0.926
  • Lower Silesian - 0.889
  • Lesser Poland, Pomeranian - 0.888

The lowest HDI in Poland have following voivodeships:

  • Warmian-Masurian - 0.844
  • Lubusz, Kuyavian-Pomeranian - 0.858

The highest score is heavily inflated by the capital city. There are opinions among the public for Warsaw to become a separate administrative unit. If this were to happen, the Mazovian Voivodeship without Warsaw would be average at best in terms of socio-economic development. Moreover, Warsaw alone accounts for around 230% of the average national GDP. This shows how dependent the region is on the capital district.

The lowest scores are recorded by voivodeships without a very large urban centre. Cities such as Toruń, Kielce, Zielona Góra or Olsztyn cannot compete in attracting investment with the largest cities located in other regions.

How it’s made

I found the data on Global Data Lab. The rest of work was just to put data and shapefiles together using QGis. For this map I used Merriweather font.

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